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Air Zinger Robot Kit (No soldering required) (FREE SHIPPING)
Trust us - this is not just another robot. The AIR ZINGER is something truly special, something truly out of the ordinary. Building on air technology, OWI has created a robot that can inhale or blast out a ball through its cannon-like loader. You can zig, you can zag, you can smoothly move forward, backward, left or right. If you want to see something really amazing, activate the robot's wind magnum propeller (think howling whirl-wind). The propeller can be activated to retrieve the (included) ball, which is like watching a fish slurp up its lunch, and, on command, a special compartment stores the ball then launches it like a missile. Or, if you like, it can be about full-throttle competition; who will beat whom? You'll have hours of intelligent fun creating your own games, tournaments, and rules. The AIR ZINGER is both quick and easy to assemble - children ages 10 and up can handle it no problem - and is a great way to develop cognitive- and motor-skills, as well as hand-eye coordination. Order yours today, and get your imagination zinging!

Only $42.95
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