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LEGO Mindstorms Spybotics Shadowstrike S70 by LEGO Systems, Inc
No one can catch the Shadowstrike! The ultimate secret agency, S.M.A.R.T, has designed the ultimate secret agents � awesome Spybots that you control! Spybots can go places humans can't, carry out the most dangerous missions, and even defend themselves against rogue robots. This Spybot strikes from the shadows � that's how it got its name! Powerful and stealthy, it can slip into any place, carry out its mission, and then sneak back out again without triggering alarms. Shadowstrike is the choice of S.M.A.R.T agents who specialize in top secret, high risk missions. Once you are equipped with your Spybot(s), use the CD-ROM software and programmable remote controller to download and complete 10 daring secret missions! Or create your very own top secret missions and share them with other agents via the web! You can also compete against other Spybots and download special features such as lasers, defenses, and additional health for those extra hazardous challenges! Change the settings to make the missions easier or harder. Each SpyBot includes remote controller, CD-ROM with 10 exciting missions and serial download cable.Batteries Required: Controller requires 3 AAA, Spybot requires 3 AA. Batteries not included in any set. System Requirements: Windows 98/ME/XP, 350 MHz processor, 64MB RAM, 200MB available hard disc space, Windows 98 compatible mouse, DirectX 8.0 compatible sound device, 8x CD-ROM drive, 800 x 600 SVGA display with 4MB RAM, one available 9-pin RS-232 Serial Port, 28.8 KBPS Modem (optional), Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer (optional).

Only $59.00
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